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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Her Wyoming Hero by Rebecca Winters

Daddy Dude Ranch 3

Remorse, Rights, Regrets…

Yet another widow and son are invited to spend a week at the Teton Valley Dude Ranch.  Though Kit and her son are invited she is resistive as her husband had come from an affluent family and she feels the honor should go to another more deserving.  But after talking with her deceased husband’s commanding officer she understands that money is not the issue…..  They are being offered the chance to honor their deceased by allowing those who have survived to share a week in service to those left behind.

Try as he might Ross runs into one challenge after another when Charles Wentworth, Kits father-in-law will stop at nothing to bring his grandson back home.  Living with Andy’s grandparents from day one of her marriage has been a nightmare and a loosing battle for Kit.  She is desperate to leave the domineering Wentworths and start a life for her and Andy.

When Charles demands that Ross send Kit and Andy home early it does not go well… His arrival at the ranch makes quite a stir.  Will Kit be able to stand firm in her plans or will Charles drag them home?  Ross is a formidable opponent, willing to step in and make sure Kit is free to make her own choices…

A great read!  Don’t miss this one!

Home to Wyoming by Rebecca Winters

Daddy Dude Ranch 2

Age makes no difference to the heart….

The Teton Valley Dude Ranch is inviting yet another military widow and her little girl to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere they have to offer… or so they thought.  But after their arrival Buck is surprised to learn that lovely Alex is not Jenny’s mother but her grandmother!

Attracted to one another Alex and Buck can’t seem to communicate what’s really in their hearts… afraid of what the other may say… or the possible rejection.  Will they deny what they feel and move away from each other or accept the truth?

Filled with twists and turns, ups and downs, and misunderstandings it will keep you turning page after page!

The Wyoming Cowboy by Rebecca Winters

Daddy Dude Ranch 1

Battle to heal…

Damage to the heart can be felt in different places….  Soldiers who survive when others are fallen and also the widows and children left behind. 

Carson, Buck and Ross are survivors, friends who met in the hospital while recovering from their wounds.  Determined to make a difference in the lives of those who have lost their husband and father they have turned Carson’s inherited property into a working dude ranch.  Set in the vast Wyoming wilderness, offering lots of activities and special care for those who are grieving, it is an ideal place to heal battered hearts.

Tracy and son Johnny are the first “special family” they invite and Carson is determined to make it memorable.  Both Carson and Tracy are surprised when the sparks start to ignite early on…. Johnny is a bit of a challenge to win over but Carson has a few tricks that help him overcome the hurt inside.

No one could have predicted the amazing changes that take place for Carson, Tracy and Johnny.  A must read!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Promise From a Cowboy by C.J. Carmichael

Coffee Creek Montana

Buried Secrets….. What a story to tell 

When evidence surfaces on a nearly forgotten tragedy Sheriff Savannah Moody has he hands full and her heart involved.  Will the evidence condemn the man she once loved, B. J. Lambert or is the story she has been told for years a cover-up to protect another.

When B. J. and Savannah work together to rehash the incident the information on record is surprisingly skimpy.  Talking with the former sheriff is a dead end as well.  But when Savannah’s brother returns there is more on than family ties can hide.

Will the feelings B. J. and Savannah hold secret from one another ever be expressed?

Lots of twists and turns to keep you thinking!  

Home to the Cowboy by Amanda Renee

When your business isn't yours own!

Successful in her New York career Tess Dalton has returned to her small home town of Ramblewood, Texas.  Hoping to let her heart heal after breaking up with her fiancĂ© she is looking for some peace and comfort.  But that is short lived when it seems the whole town is full of questions.

The last person Tess wanted to encounter was Cole Langtry, the first man she had ever loved but their paths just keep crossing and thanks to an amazing little girl they both adore they are brought together.

Nicely written and flowing story with good character development, lots of action and heartbreaking challenges. 

The Cowboy Next Door by Marin Thomas

The Cash Brothers

Determination Meets Stubbornness!

Pushed with a desire to succeed as others in her family have, Shannon Douglas has taken a road less traveled.  She is determined to win the title “Cowgirl of the year”.  Bull riding is really heating up the competition … especially when she has to compete against top cowboys.

Determined to let nothing or no one stand in her way it seems to many common sense has left her entirely.  Her father is fearful she’ll be hurt but his wishes are ignored.  However, when Johnny Cash, her best friend’s brother gets involved the fireworks start sizzling!

Lots of twist and great turns  to keep those pages turning!

The Rancher’s Homecoming - By Cathy McDavid


Will stubborn pride rob the broken heart…

When her former love Sam returns to Sweetheart, Nevada Annie finds herself drawn to the man she was determined to forget.  Refusing to let her heart open, Annie focuses on trying to rebuild the badly burnt Sweetheart Inn.  A forest fire destroyed many businesses and homes and the once popular tourist attractive town is struggling to survive.

When Sam offers financial assistance to those in need, Annie adamantly refuses, determined to take care of her family and stand on her own.  When Annie and Sam’s children form a friendship it appears they will be seeing more of each other than planned.  But when Sam starts hiring Annie’s former employees it is the last straw!

Lots of twists and turns, interesting characters, and mishaps to keep the pages turning!