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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Her Wyoming Hero by Rebecca Winters

Daddy Dude Ranch 3

Remorse, Rights, Regrets…

Yet another widow and son are invited to spend a week at the Teton Valley Dude Ranch.  Though Kit and her son are invited she is resistive as her husband had come from an affluent family and she feels the honor should go to another more deserving.  But after talking with her deceased husband’s commanding officer she understands that money is not the issue…..  They are being offered the chance to honor their deceased by allowing those who have survived to share a week in service to those left behind.

Try as he might Ross runs into one challenge after another when Charles Wentworth, Kits father-in-law will stop at nothing to bring his grandson back home.  Living with Andy’s grandparents from day one of her marriage has been a nightmare and a loosing battle for Kit.  She is desperate to leave the domineering Wentworths and start a life for her and Andy.

When Charles demands that Ross send Kit and Andy home early it does not go well… His arrival at the ranch makes quite a stir.  Will Kit be able to stand firm in her plans or will Charles drag them home?  Ross is a formidable opponent, willing to step in and make sure Kit is free to make her own choices…

A great read!  Don’t miss this one!